How to Use the Research Messages Feature on the Dashboard


So we have really great content in the suggested messages section that can really boost your engagement with your audience and get you more activity on social media but sometimes you may want to find something unique or a little bit different that we don't provide here for you. So that's when you'd want to use the message research tool. Click on Message Research and it will pull up this search bar which is similar to searching for something on Google. You then have the choice between YouTube, Google News, Facebook, RSS Alerts (which are blog articles across the internet) or what's trending on Buzz feed.

You enter in the keywords that you want to search on just like you would on Google and then you click the search button. This is searching YouTube because that's the tab I'm on. I wanted to find a funny home buying experience to share on social media and so that's what I put in for my keywords and as you can see there are lots of different videos that came up and they're presented in order of popularity. So here we've had one that had almost 5 million views and 82 thousand likes. You want to just click through. You can watch the video right here and it will give you the whole video so you know whether or not it's appropriate to share with your audience. Then once you've decided if it is, then you can go and you can use the little round circle to schedule it to post to your audience.

Click on Post / Tweet Article and it brings up the scheduling screen here which by now should be fairly familiar to you. It's giving you the link that it's going to share and then it's taking the title of that video and populating it in your text section. You can always add your website if you want but it's best to probably leave just the website for the YouTube video in this case, but maybe other articles you want to add your website to it also. Then you can schedule it on the accounts or you can figure out a hashtag that you want to use to share with it as we have done in similar trainings in the past.

So I'm going to choose to post this to Social for Real Estate (my Twitter account). I'm going to schedule it on the 9th at 5:50 p.m. and I click Schedule This and what happens now is it will go into the social planner section. As you can see, this has been scheduled in my social planner along with the other stuff that I already had scheduled. Feel free to play around with this you can use various search words. You can use any of these platforms here and you can search on if you want an article or news or trending or something from Facebook. This is the section to do it and you can really round out your social media content without leaving the dashboard to go search all over the Internet.

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