The benefits of blogging for Real Estate

The Benefits of Blogging for Real Estate

In our conversations with dozens of real estate agents each month… we know there is ONE question that always comes up, and not without skepticism: can blogging really help MY business?!

If you are a real estate agent who has ever wondered if this type of content really is king… here are 4 reasons why blogs reign supreme:

#1: Think SEO.

You know you want to be found online… but how?!

Let’s face it… you are never going to beat the big names (you know the ones that rhyme with Willow and Red Shin!) when it comes to ranking on top for homes in your city – but you CAN utilize blogs to optimize SEO for your business name, your name as an agent and your specialties. The #1 factor for ranking high across search engines is fresh content – and what better way to commit to it than a weekly blog! This of course works best for websites that have great back-end support (keywords!) and are optimized for mobile devices… most people are going to read your content on their phones.

#2: Establish Your Expertise.

It’s not just what you say… but how you say it.

We all know that people love to work with someone they know and trust – especially when it comes to the biggest investment of their lives. While sharing educational content is great – it’s even better when it comes from yourperspective and embedded with yourvalues. A blog is one of the best ways to present your expertise of the industry AND your approach to it.

#3: Re-Purpose, Re-Purpose, Re-Purpose.

If you don’t believe in re-creating the wheel… blogging is for you.

The most common concern agents have when thinking about the resources that blog building entails is… is it really worth my time and energy for ONE article?! The short answer is yes… but the next question is why would you use it only once?! A well-written blog can be re-purposed in other marketing materials – such as within buyer and seller presentations, in referral partner resources and more. Once your thoughts and ideas are presented in one place in an organized and engaging flow… the possibilities are endless.

#4: Share-ability.

Your blog is SO much more than just a page on your website.

A great blog should never stop on your website. Blogs are the perfect addition to a social media platform and an email newsletter. Posting your latest blog article to different platforms such as Facebook or to your database via MailChimp drastically increases reach and engagement. Shares, likes, comments, forwards… these are all methods of free and increased exposure.

Insider Tip: One of our favorite TBT’s (throwback Thursdays) is a past blog post that maintains high relevance today! You know that blog you wrote about how you know when it’s time to sell… what an ideal post to re-use as fall approaches.

Chances are you might no longer be thinking ‘How can a blog benefit my business…?’ but now ‘How do I get started?”. Contact us today to learn how this one feature can add so many dimensions to your business, and how easy we can make it.

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