Social Media Content Categories for Suggested Messages


In this video I wanted to go over a little bit more detail about what the categories are in the suggested messages area. we will be adding additional categories as we grow so you may see something different when you log in the next time.

So just briefly to go over each of these categories:

  • Buying a Home will be tips for the home buyer it could be a new home buyer, it could be really any level of home buyer but it would be short tips that help them prepare for buying a home, things they might need to know and expect, and how to look for a home with their realtor.
  • Selling a Home is just the opposite of that: how to prepare your home for sale, things to be aware of during the process of selling, how to work the best with your realtor and other things that would relate to selling a home.
  • Home Improvement Tips would be just that. These type of tips would be helpful when they are a do-it-yourselfer and would like to do home improvements in their home or prepare their home for sale with some of the improvements that they need to do.
  • Home Decorating Tips relates to decorating a new home, updating things, colors, painting, anything related to home decorating.
  • Gardening and Landscaping is about gardening and the yard in general. So it could be patio gardening, it could be backyard gardening, front landscaping, pools that type of thing would fall under the gardening slash landscaping category.
  • Household Tips would be things like how to declutter and how to clean out a stinky fridge and things like that. Just basic living household tips.
  • Social Fun Posts are meant to entertain and engage your audience. We find that a lot of the social posts get shared more frequently than the other posts so we definitely want you to sprinkle in as many of these as you feel comfortable with your own audience. Those would be things like motivational quotes, funny quotes, trivia, jokes now and then, hashtags, happy Friday, throwback Thursday, etc. All of those you'll find in the social fun post category.
  • The US Housing Market as things become available for statistics and data and general information for the housing market, that would fall in this category.
  • Finally Realtor Promotion is regarding you. So calls to actions such as "Are you interested in listing?", "Call your realtor today" or "Call me today" those are the types of posts you'll see in the realtor promotion section.

We plan to add a lot more categories that will really help round out the different types of topics that you present to your audience.

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