Realtors: Here’s What NOT to do on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the only professional social media platform which encourages social selling. People go to LinkedIn for networking for potential partners, prospects, recruiting, and professional recommendations. It is understood.

Every once in a while, I see someone inappropriately using LinkedIn, so I thought I’d write this blog article to help clarify what NOT to do on LinkedIn. (For information about how to use this social networking platform to grow your real estate business, click here)

There is a certain “etiquette” to using LinkedIn, which some people don’t seem to understand.

Here’s what NOT to do on LinkedIn:

  • Don’t connect with colleagues and other real estate agents. They are your COMPETITION, people! Why would you want to network with them? For example, if you’re at a networking event with 100 people, would you go and hang out with the five Realtors in the room? NO! This is the same thing. Stop doing it.
  • Do not put your results in your headline on LinkedIn. The headline is the section that appears after your name. Do not put any of the following:
    • Top producing agent
    • Over $5M in sales
    • Award winning Real Estate Agent
    • Premiere star agent for three years in a row
    • Sold the most homes in my office in 2017
  • Use an old, outdated headshot that doesn’t look like you
  • Don’t leave your profile image on the defaulted shadow avatar! If you don’t have a professional headshot, have someone take a nice photo of you from the shoulders up and use that until you can get a pro shot done.
  • Don’t ignore the summary section of your profile. This is where you have the opportunity to shine above your competitors! The summary section can be written like a cover letter, where you explain WHO you are, HOW you can help them, and how YOU are DIFFERENT. This section is underutilized and it’s a canvas available for you to make yourself stand out.
  • Don’t hard sell. Social selling on LinkedIn is not like in-person farming. To successfully sell in a social environment, you must focus on adding value to your network. Consistently posting valuable tips and information with an occasional CTA (Call to Action) sprinkled in is the social acceptable way to behave on LinkedIn.
  • Don’t ignore endorsements and recommendations. When you endorse or recommend others, they are more likely to return the favor. If you have a healthy amount of these on your own profile, you build authority and trust.
  • Don’t post photos of your family, pets, vacations, church or anything that is not related to your profession. Just don’t.
  • Don’t post your political beliefs here. Save that for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Don’t EVER flirt with or proposition someone to whom you’re attracted to on LinkedIn; again, take it to a different platform
  • Finally, don’t ever send out a massive message to people. You will get reported for this and your account could be shut down.

You can do this! LinkedIn is a great tool for growing a huge network, without leaving your desk or sending massive mailings! Just remember to follow proper etiquette and you will see the value in this professional networking platform!


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