Success, Thank You, and ONE MORE THING!

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We're definitely excited, AND we're eager to see you get GREAT content flowing to your social media pages!

But first, you'll need to create your account and quickly connect your social media channels.

Here are the quick and easy steps to take - the better you follow, the faster and smoother it will go!

Steps to complete the signup process

(1) Sign into your social media pages on your browser
- it makes the connection process go quickly! Simply open a new tab for each platform and log in. For example, you may have three tabs open, one each for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

(2) After doing the above and reading everything here, click the below button to create your new account.
- You will be asked for your email and to select a password and confirm it. You'll then go to the dashboard and will be asked to connect your first social media accounts.

Note: Facebook will ask you for several permissions before you actually select your business page. This is normal!! After you connect the accounts you wish to use, you'll be walked through a number of steps to get to know it. You can always click out of these if you don't want the guided tour.

(3) Now start scheduling your content!

In the dashboard, after connecting your social media accounts, go to the suggested messages, follow the directions, and you'll have your weekly content created and scheduled within minutes!

We have all the training you need to make your social media even better, not only within the dashboard itself, at

If you get stuck, please don't get frustrated! Simply email us at: info[at]

We're thrilled to have you! Now sit back and relax as your social media will be looking great online!