Quick Tour of the Image Creator


In this video, I'm gonna give you a short tour of how to use the Image Creator. This is one of my favorite features of the dashboard because it can really make your images come alive and we've made it very easy for you to do just that. So first of all you click on Image Creator from the dashboard and here it brings up the image creator section. You have three options at this point.

  • You can create a design. This is where you would use one of our many, many, many templates that we have in here and customize it with your own image.
  • The second choice is to just to pick from your own personal library of images under my images or you can choose any of the images that we have in here that are categorized based on the type of image that they are. If you don't have any images in here yet you can upload from your device or you can drag and drop any of them right into this box here and they will upload automatically and every time that you need them you just come back here and they'll be under My Images.
  • The third option is if you don't want to create an image at this time, you can exit the image creator when you're in the section of your library then you just choose one of the images that you'd like to use. It will confirm it if this is not an image that you want to use then you can choose to go back and look at another image.

You have the opportunity to rotate these in case they were uploaded incorrectly. You can rotate them here or you can download any of these images to your computer if you want to use it for something else. I'm going to click Use This Image and it'll bring me to the editor. Inside the editor, you have a lot of options. You can change the image if you decided you didn't want this one. You can add images on top of it. You could add stickers! Stickers are fun  little cartoony like things that will make your images look a little bit more fun. You can add shapes from our shapes library. We have a bunch of different types of shapes in here that you can use to also enhance your image. You can add emojis. Emojis are similar to what you have on your phone. You can just select one if you want to make it pop and look a little bit more fun. I'll select the little smiley face with the sunglasses again. You get this choice to go back and choose a different one or to add this one. I'm going to add it and then I'm going to pick a spot on the screen where I want it to be. This is a little bit too big for me so I'm going to use the little arrow and shrink it and then I'm just gonna place it there. You can also add your logo here. If you don't already have a logo, you can upload a logo or a headshot.

If you prefer you to use your real-estate headshot you can upload it here as well and finally you can add text. You can add a bunch of text on here if you want to or you can just add a little bit and once you get the text box, you just click on edit text and you'll be able to use any of these editing tools up at the top here to make your text look good. Here you want to just type in whatever you're called to action is or comment or quote or your website. Whatever you want to put in the text section, you can do and when you're done you click Done.

Once you're done with the image, you click Save and you have the option to use it now where it will not save it in your library. You can save it for later because maybe you're not ready to use this particular image but you want to use it later or you can use it now and save it for later and you will be required to give it a name. I'm not going to do that at the moment. I'm just going to say Use Now and it's gonna bring me to a create message screen.

So if there's something that I want to say for this particular image post then I would type it in here or maybe I just want to add my website on it quickly. I'll add my website. I'm going to select the social media platform where I want to post it. Let's go ahead and post it on social for real estate and I'm going to choose the date and time. If you want to just do it now, you can post it now or choose a date and time. I'm going to say let's do it tomorrow. I'm going to say 9:55 a.m. and then I confirm when I hit the Confirm Button. It's going to go ahead and put it in my social planner and it brings me to my social planner to see where I have it scheduled and there it is! At any point before this goes out on the platform, you can edit. It you can favorite it so that you have it handy to use again or you can use it again and schedule it for an additional time or, of course, you can delete it if you decide not to post it.

That's a quick overview of the Image Creator. One of my favorite tools go in and play around with it and have a little fun!

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