Personal Facebook Pages and Your Real Estate Marketing

Facebook Has Drawn The Line Between Personal & Professional Pages

We all knew this day was coming, but now that it is here, there may be no industry more impacted than real estate. Facebook guidelines have long prohibited personal Facebook pages from being used for business purposes, however, due to the highly relational nature of real estate and the lack of social media oversight, many real estate agents have long used personal pages as their professional presence too. After all, don’t you want all of your friends and family to know that you can help them buy and sell homes?

But a major change that took effect on July 26, 2018 removed the ability for third-party apps (such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Social For Real Estate, etc.) to post to personal Facebook pages. This change is unrivaled for many small business owners, social media managers and content providers in terms of the consistency and now reachability repercussions.

First of all, it is NO secret that Facebook does not show posts on your business page(s) to every person who ‘likes’ your page. For every post you publish on a business page, only 6-16% of your followers see it. For that reason, many of the platform’s users opted to ‘double-up’ by cross-posting business content to their personal pages to increase visibility. Others opted not to maintain a business page at all and simply relied upon their personal page as their sole business presence. Second, the primary reason that people use third party apps is to schedule posts out according to their selected content strategy. Rather than logging in every day or multiple times per day to the social media account, third party apps (and even the Facebook business pages themselves) allow people to schedule a number of posts in one sitting. Those who counted on this convenience for their personal pages too will now need to manually post in real time, a task time consuming and virtually impossible to replicate with the same ease as a one-stop dashboard.

Here Is What It Means For You…

Does this mean that Facebook is no longer a powerful tool for real estate? If an agent has never created a Facebook Business Page, is it too late? Will Facebook ever reverse this change? To answer the latter… it is unlikely that Facebook will ever restore the ability for third parties to post to personal pages. The current social media climate is calling for greater transparency, reduced spam and crystal-clear divisions between personal and business profiles. It is highly unlikely that this trend will ever retract.

If you are a real estate or small business professional who finds your professional presence at a standstill due to this recent change, there are 3 key ways we can help:

#1: IF you use your Facebook personal page for business purposes ONLY, we can help you migrate your profile into a page according to appropriate Facebook user processes.

#2: IF you use your Facebook personal page for BOTH personal and business purposes, we can help you establish a business page, build page followers and backdate content and publishing data to ensure that the longevity of your online credibility matches the longevity of your career. You’ve earned it!

#3: If you have no idea how to proceed or how to connect your Facebook Business Page to a third-party app – we can provide a complimentary account overview and strategy session. There is no need to lose access to the 2 billion monthly, active Facebook users just because it isn’t as straight forward as it used to be.

It’s true that the Facebook environment IS changing, but it is far from extinction despite what other social media platforms may lead you to believe. We highly encourage all of our valued clients and colleagues to maintain Facebook Business Pages as an integral and steadfast component of their overall marketing strategy and brand presence.

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