How to Edit Scheduled Posts

In this video I'm going to show you how to edit a message that you already have scheduled in your social planner. So you click on social planner to get started and you can see there I have a couple of posts that are scheduled to go out. What I'm going to do is I like the text here but I would like to change the image. So I am going to click on edit. I'm going to click on change image to swap out the image and doing that brings me to the image creator where I will click on select image. This is a motivational quote so I'm going to pick a  quote and I'm going to pick Believe, Achieve and Succeed. This looks good to me. it's one I think I'd like to share so I'll use this image and save it but I already have it in my database so I'm not going to Save It For Later I'm just going to use it right now.

Now you can see that the image has been swapped out at this point I could do a number of other things. If I wanted to edit the text I can just click where I want to edit and edit it. If I didn't have a website address on here already I could click on the website link and it will automatically populate my website. I could also choose a hashtag if I want. Since this is going on Twitter it's always a good idea to have hashtags, to do that, you'd want to click where you want the insert to be so I'm going to click on hashtag. I typed in social media. Now it gives me the top answer is social media so I'm clicking on that and it will add it here at the end where I put my cursor. It will add it there and then I can also add an emoji if I want to.

You be the judge if you think your audience would like the emojis or if you don't want to use it. it's totally up to you and you can search on the emojis or you can just scroll through and see which ones are available. I'll click on the Ok sign and then the last thing is that you can also change the accounts that you want to post on so I want to post this on my Twitter account but maybe I also want to post it on my social for real estate Facebook page so I'll click on that and you may have noticed down here it gives you a count of the characters that you have left it takes a long time to fill up a Facebook character count but Twitter is limited and so you have a little counter here that tells you how many more you have left.

If we were to add too much more information then it will go in the negative. I'll just type something and you can see by adding these characters it's now negative two which means the whole thing won't show on Twitter so we want to make sure we use that guideline to help us stay compliant with the number of characters allowed. Then you can change the date and time. I think tomorrow at 2:00 is good confirm it and now we have the old post edited and scheduled and ready to go.

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