How to Boost a Post on Facebook

What is a “Boost”? We all know that the content you share on your business Facebook page is only as valuable as the people who see it. But how do you know if it’s really getting read? Those reach numbers that hover under each post can be pretty disappointing compared to your total number of followers, right? The general marketing rule of thumb for Facebook is that only 6-16% of the people who ‘like’ your business page actually see your posts in their newsfeed. These figures change almost weekly depending on Facebook algorithms… so what’s a real estate agent to do?

Short answer: plan to boost your posts. A boost is a simple and affordable way to increase who sees the content you publish. The best part is – you get to pick how much to spend and who you want to target.

Determine the Objective for Your Boost

Consider why you want to boost a post in the first place. Is this truly valuable content that your current followers would enjoy? Or is this a success story (think record high sale) in a new neighborhood and you’d love to attract more followers in that zip code? Know your why before you decide when and how.

Determine Your Audience

Select the audience that fits your purpose. Once you hit the ‘boost’ button – you will see a range of options for audience. You may choose:

  • People Who Like Your Page (This is a great option if you know this particular post would appeal to your page followers – and want more than 6-16% of them to see it! It’s like reminding them you are here… and active on social media.)
  • People Who Like Your Page & Their Friends (This option is ideal if your current page followers have friends & loved ones who fit your client profile. Facebook will show them the post and also that they have a friend who likes your page. Think peer pressure. ?)
  • People You Choose Through Targeting. (If you want to showcase your post to a particular audience demographic in a particular zip code, this is the way to go! Over time, you can build several audiences and re-select them as they pertain to each boost. Examples would be: Current Homeowners In San Jose Aged 45-65, College Graduate Renters In Santa Clara, etc. These boosts may initially drive less engagement as they are ‘cold leads’ so to speak – but can get you visibility in ways that would cost thousands via traditional search engine ads.)

Determine Your Boost Budget

Assign A Budget & Ad Duration. When in doubt, start small ~ but consistently. Boosting one high-quality post per week for $5-10 to your current page followers will impact your visibility and engagement – which over time will throw you into the good graces of the Facebook algorithm fairies and increase your reach as a whole for future posts.

Last but not least… don’t underestimate the power of the results. Set a time each week/month to look back at your boosted posts and ask yourself: Which ones provided the most engagement? What types of posts elicited clicks, new likes or comments? Where did I see the most ‘bang for my buck? Repeat what’s working… and adjust what’s not. It’s much like a new diet… but much more fun!

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