Sometimes subscribing to a service can be confusing. Check out our FAQs to understand our service more.

Q: What if I need help connecting my accounts?
A: Our Content Concierge is here to help! You can either call us at: (916)250-0061 or send an email to: We will help you get everything set up and working.

Q: How soon will I have content showing up on my social media pages?
A: We require 1-2 business days to get started. After that, you will begin to see content on your social media platforms.

Q: Do I have to give you all my passwords?
A: Not necessarily. Occasionally, one of your social accounts may get disconnected from the dashboard and you will need to reconnect it. If you give us your passwords, we can make sure it gets reconnected without your efforts and there is no lapse in content, but it’s up to you.

Q: What social media platforms do you post on?
A: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Q: Don’t you support Instagram too?
A: In order to schedule posts on Instagram, you would need to connect a Telegram account yourself and be available to approve posts as they are ready to go. Unfortunately, Instagram has not opened up their API to all developers yet, so this limitation is because of their platform restrictions. We hope this will change in the near future.

Q: What if I want to pay extra to have you post to Instagram?
A: No problem! We can discuss what you want and give you a custom quote.

Q: Why can’t I connect my personal Facebook page?
A: Facebook recently took that ability away from all third party apps. You are only allowed to schedule posts to your business page. Click here to read the article on our blog about this.

Q: What if I don’t have a business page and only use my personal Facebook profile?
A: There is a workaround and we can help you with creating a new business page and porting over your content. It’s tricky, but it can be done. We recommend you already have a business page in place, but don’t worry if you don’t!

Q: For Facebook: The dashboard is asking to access my personal account and all my contacts – what does this mean?
A: It means that the dashboard needs to communicate with Facebook. All business pages are created from a personal profile. Therefore, it needs to have permission to access your business page via your personal profile. But as mentioned above, we will not be posting to your personal page due to the changes that Facebook recently made.

Q: Do I need to log in and schedule the content every day or week?
A: NO. We are doing this for you. Your content will be in the social planner section of the dashboard. We suggest you review posts once a week to make sure you like them. This is not required, but overall, you are responsible for what is posted on your social media platforms.

Q: CAN I schedule additional content? What if I have a new listing or an open house that I want to share?
A: Of course you can use the dashboard with all of it’s full benefits, in ADDITION to the content we are sharing! Our image creator is great for showcasing your listings and you can even re-use posts you’ve used before. Be sure to check out the training videos at: to learn how to use all the cool features!

Q: Am I sharing this dashboard with other users?
A: No. This is your own private dashboard with all of your information and social media accounts. Only our team will have access to this account to schedule your posts. All previous data, images, website, etc are all about YOU in your own dashboard.

Q:  Does everyone that signs up with you get the same content all the time?
A: No. That’s one of the great features of our technology. We use “spintax” code to make each post unique. So every post has virtually dozens of different words and images. So, the Realtor sitting in the next desk may get a topic that is similar, but the words will be different and so will the image.

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: We hope you love seeing all the great posts on your social pages, but we understand sometimes it’s not a fit. Simply email us at: You can come back at any time, but unfortunately, your history will be lost if you return.

Q: It’s been a while since I was on the dashboard, where do I log in?


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