Dashboard Guide: How to use the Social Planner on Social for Real Estate


Now we're going to go into a little more detail about the social planner. The social planner is where you will see all of the posts that you have scheduled for the future you also have access to past messages that you've posted. If you've favorited any of those posts you'll see them in the favorites section. Going back to past messages, so if you like any of these messages and you want to schedule them again, say for example, you had an open house last weekend and you're going to have an open house again this weekend then you could take one of the posts that you created for your open house and you can click Use Again then it gives you the opportunity to select where you want to post it. You can add an image if there wasn't one already attached to it and then you can choose the date and time when you want to post this.

I'm not going to post this now. I'm going to go back to the social planner. When you're in the social planner. You can also create a new message and one of the cool things about the social planner is that you can view this as a list which gives you the detail. It gives you the images and a little bit bigger view or you can view them on a calendar so you can get an idea visually of when you have things scheduled to post. So this is a really nice way to look at things you can still go into each of these and edit them if you want. This is just a nice way to visually see what you have set up for the future.

Going back to the list mode, each post is available for you to edit anytime before it's scheduled to post. You can go to the post and you can edit it and you'll see the same screen come up that you saw when you created a message. If you haven't already watched the "How to Create a Message" video then I recommend you go back and watch that because you'll follow the same process here when you edit a message as you do when you create it. You have all the same features here where you can quickly insert your website you can add a hashtag or an emoji or both and you can change out the image once you get familiar with this.

It'll be like second nature for you to edit and to navigate around. Okay let's go back to the social planner. Favorites are when you have a post that you have used before and you just think it's really great and you don't want to lose track of it. You can click Favorite to make it a favorite and it will save it over in your favorites tab. It will still post at the time that it's scheduled but then in the future if you quickly want to go to the favorites of your post you can just click on Favorites.

You can also delete any message here by clicking the Delete button or if you want to delete more than one post you can click on the Multi Delete Function and when you click on that you just click on the ones that you want to delete once you've selected the messages you want to delete you click on the delete at the bottom on the right. I'm not going to delete these all, hit cancel and that's an overview of the social planner I hope you enjoy it.

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