Dashboard Guide: How to Use Suggested Messages


In this video we're gonna be talking about one of my favorite features of the dashboard which is the suggested messages. the suggested messages area is where we have compiled created and written hundreds of content pieces for you to share with your audience but you don't have to do anything except decide if you like them. Edit them if you wish or you can just publish them.

So let's get started! Click on Suggested Messages and begin here. You're gonna select the platforms where you'd like to post. I'm just gonna pick my social for real estate business Facebook page and when I click Next, it's going to bring up the types of messages you would like to create. These are the categories we currently have: Buying and Selling a Home, Home Improvement Tips, Home Decorating Tips, Gardening and Landscaping, Household Tips, Humor Quotes and Trivia, General Social Posts, US Housing Market, and Realtor Promotion. When you click Next, it's going to go into these categories that I've selected "Selling a Home" and "Buying a Home" and it's going to pull posts for seven days to schedule on Facebook. Now you can see it's pulled up all of these posts and the posts are written by us, this is the text portion of a post, it's automatically scheduling a time and a date for it to post. It has an image selected as you can see this one is says it's scheduled for Facebook. If it was a Twitter post you would see Twitter here. You can edit the message. You can change the date and time.

You can also say, "Hmmm... I like this one I want it to also go on my Twitter." so you can click on Accounts and add a different account. You can click on any of the ones that come up that you've loaded into the dashboard. If you want to edit it you can edit it now. You can click on this and just edit it, or you can just say "I like it. Use it." When you click I like it. Use it. then it's going to go ahead and put it in the scheduler at this time that it's suggested for you unless you change it. You always have the opportunity to change it in the future before it posts and I'll show you how to do that.

So if you don't like it, you can swap it and that means it'll pull a different posts for a similar date and time and in the same category that this one was in. If you just decide you don't want to post on this particular day then you just click Don't post here today. Now one of the cool things that you can do that makes this super easy and super fast every week is you can scroll through all of these quickly and if you like them all you just click the Use All button. Now all of those messages that you saw there are scheduled in your social planner if you wish to add more posts or change a different category you can start again or you can see more messages and that will help you schedule farther out than just a week.

Now that we have these all scheduled let's go take a look at them in the social planner. You can see these are all scheduled in the social planner section and they're ready to go and it only took a couple of minutes. I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I do and in the next video we'll be going into more detail about the social planner.


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