Dashboard Guide: How to Sign Up for Social For Real Estate


Hi this is Claudia Loen's, and today I'm going to show you how to sign up for your free 14-day pro account with social for real estate. As you can see I have my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in my browser. I'm already logged into each of those platforms you don't have to do that because you'll be able to log in from the sign up but it's  easier if you already are. First I'm going to enter the email address I want to use for the account, then create the password that I want to use, confirm it and then I click on create account.

After it accepts my email and password it takes me to the welcome screen and it's going to walk me through the next steps to get my profile live. So we click on let's get started.

It's gonna ask for my first name, click Next, last name, the name of your company and the URL. You'll be able to add this URL to your posts and the click of a button. So picking a URL or a website that you want to have your clients directed to. And then choose your role and then it takes you right to the place where you connect your social accounts so I'm  going to start with Twitter and just kind of walk you through everything you need to do and understand. Because I'm already logged in, it takes me directly to the authorization page. If you're not logged in it will take you to a login page and then you'll see this page:

As you can see up in the corner, I see my icon so I'm sure that this is the correct account that I'd like to use. So I'll go ahead and authorize the app and here it shows that I'm connected to my Twitter account. Then I'm going to go to Facebook and it's going to prompt me for the same exact things and what it's going to do is give me the choice. So it's allowing me to post to my personal page if I want to. Then, I'm going to select what I want to post for social for real estate Facebook page and sometimes I might want to post to my group page the private social for real estate Members Only page so I'm going to select this as well now it comes back to this connected page. You can see I have one Twitter account if I hover over. Facebook shows me it's my Claudia Loens personal page, The Social for Real Estate Members Only (that's the group) and then Social for Real Estate which is my business page.

Finally I'm going to LinkedIn and I'm going to do the same process to connect my LinkedIn I'm going to pick post to my personal page because that's my profile and that's what my audience primarily sees. If you have a company page that you'd like to post to, you can and the beauty of it is you can actually post to both through the dashboard. I'm just going to select my personal page for now and connect that to the dashboard. If I wanted to, there are other networks that I can connect but right now for the sake of this demonstration I'm just going to stick with the main ones that I just connected. and then I click "I'm finished" and it takes me to the dashboard. It'll show you a series of instructions of how to navigate around the dashboard. We also have video tutorials for how to do this as well so we have lots of training for you inside the dashboard. That's it! We're in and I hope you enjoy your 14 day free trial!


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