Dashboard Guide: Create Message

So when you're ready to write your first post and you'd like to write it yourself, instead of using the suggested messages, log in to your dashboard and click on Create Message. It will bring you to a create message screen where you can compose your message.

You first select the account where you'd like to post it or if you want to post it in multiple accounts you can do that too. Add the content of your post and there's a couple things you can do next. You can add a website link quickly here by clicking on Website. You can also select a hashtag. We have a hashtag search tool so if you don't know what hashtag to use for your posts then you want to  type in something relevant such as Open House and it will suggest the hashtags that match your topic. So here this one is blue and that means that it's a direct match and there are other ones that is also suggested. We're going to go ahead and click on open house because that's what we want to showcase in this post. You'll see that it populates inside your message for you. You can also add an emoji if you want. These are kind of fun for adding a little extra visual appeal to your posts.

I recently put the house emoji on here so I'm gonna go ahead and use that again and this looks good to me. The next thing I want to do is add an image of the open house or an open house flyer to my post. I'm gonna go over that in the image creator video but if you want to get started just click on open image creator and play around or go to the image creator video and watch the instruction for that as well. Once you have the message ready to go and you're happy with it then you can either post it right away or you can choose a date and time in the future. If you choose a date and time in the future it will pull up a calendar and you can schedule it out for when it's most convenient for you to post this.

I'm going to post this on Friday and I'm going to click Confirm and now it's going to show up in my scheduler in the social planner. You'll also show up on the dashboard home page where it shows you this next scheduled content. So there it is scheduled for Friday the 6th and if I want to edit it between now and when it posts, I just come back here or to the social planner page and I click on the little pencil to edit and then I can edit it or I can delete it if I don't want it to go out. That's how you get started by creating a new message!

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