How to Import Images from Your Facebook

How to Use and Share Social Images

How to Use Templates in the Image Creator

How to use the Image Library

How to Make Basic Edits with the Image Creator

Transcription: Another great feature of the image creator is the image editor. So let’s go ahead and click on Image Creator. As I mentioned before you can create a design by using one of our templates or you can simply select an image and edit it. Let’s do that right now from the library. When you click on select image,…

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How to add Your Images, Headshots and Logos

Transcription: Now I’m going to show you how to upload images into the image creator and also how to get a copy of your logo into the image creator. From the dashboard, you click on image creator and recall from previous videos, you have two choices right now, you can create a design which is when you would utilize our…

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