Troubleshooting: How to Reconnect Your Social Accounts

How to Use Statistics Overview to Measure Success

Transcription: If you’re serious about growing your social media audience and your marketing efforts then you’re gonna want to track how you’re doing as time goes on. At the beginning when you start using the dashboard you won’t have very many statistics to take a look at but as you begin posting over the weeks, you can start to monitor…

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How to Use the Research Messages Feature on the Dashboard

Transcription: So we have really great content in the suggested messages section that can really boost your engagement with your audience and get you more activity on social media but sometimes you may want to find something unique or a little bit different that we don’t provide here for you. So that’s when you’d want to use the message research…

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How to use Social Streams on Social For Real Estate Dashboard

The social streams section of your dashboard is a really cool feature. What it does is you can pull in your Facebook and Twitter feeds so you can monitor the activity that’s going on. It’s really neat because you don’t have to leave the dashboard in order to interact with your audience. Here you can see that you could like…

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How to Import Images from Your Facebook

How to Edit Scheduled Posts

In this video I’m going to show you how to edit a message that you already have scheduled in your social planner. So you click on social planner to get started and you can see there I have a couple of posts that are scheduled to go out. What I’m going to do is I like the text here but…

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