When You Want to Rebrand Yourself – LinkedIn Endorsements

Using LinkedIn to Rebrand yourself

I love my LinkedIn network – the people there are truly stellar and they are GREAT at being supportive and good business connections! In fact, sometimes they are too great! What do I mean by that?

For one thing, I’ve been trying to rebrand myself. For the last few years I have been running TWO businesses that are really quite opposite. On the one hand, I was a High Tech Recruiter for 25 years. On the other hand, I was growing my social media, web design and writing business – Wordflirt. Because I have so many years on LinkedIn as an early adopter, I have MANY high tech connections that know me as a recruiter. They kindly endorse me for the many skills that they know I have and for that I am grateful.

However, for over a year I have not been recruiting and since the beginning of 2013 I have been out of corporate high tech altogether. My main focus (and my baby!) is Wordflirt. As with many businesses, I am building. Building my brand. Building my client base and building my income.

When You’re Starting Out in Real Estate – Rebranding Yourself

So what do you do when you wish to rebrand yourself and your LinkedIn connections still endorse you for your old life?

One way to do it, is to delete the skill sets that you have listed in the endorsement area. Click on your profile and follow the steps to “edit your profile”. Scroll down to the “Skills and Expertise” area and click to view all. Then click the pencil to edit it. Here you will see all of your skills in boxes that you can simply delete. Be sure to save your profile by clicking on “done editing.” This will move up your new skills until you have the top ten for which you want endorsed.

Another way to rebrand yourself with endorsements is to message the people in your network that know you for your new skills. Tell them the skills for which you wish to be endorsed and ask them to do it. It’s always nice if you endorse them first as a gesture.

Finally, reach out to your old network and tell them what you’re trying to do. Ask for them to endorse you for the skillsets YOU pick. Again, be sure to endorse them first and thank them for any past endorsements they have made for you.

Rebranding yourself with LinkedIn endorsements is one way to build your credibility in your new business. Good luck!

About the Author

Claudia Loens is the Founder and Creative behind Wordflirt®, a social media, web design and professional writing marketing agency. She is the author of three published books, including "How to Become a Social Media Content Machine for Real Estate." Visit her main page at http://www.wordflirt.com

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