The First Step in Your Social Media Strategy for Realtors® – Identify Your Target Audience

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Do You Know Your Target Audience?


Before you can decide how you will use social media for your real estate business (or if you need a refresh), you must first think about your target audience.  Start by defining exactly whom you wish to target. If you’ve never thought about it before, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want more listings or more buyers?
  2. Do I like to work with first time buyers or empty nesters?
  3. Am I better with families, couples or singles?
  4. Are most of my clients investors looking for rental properties or will they live in their home?
  5. Do I get most of my clients from a particular base, such as members of my church, children’s school, a club to which I belong? Write a list of the sources from where you’ve gotten clients in the past.
  6. Do I specialize in a particular neighborhood and if so, which one?
  7. Do I get many clients that are moving into the area (via an employer, for example)?
  8. What do I want to be KNOWN for? (ie great negotiator, strong marketer, a GREEN home real estate agent)

If you are new to real estate or feel like you’re just all over the place, then take a moment to review your list of answers. Does anything resonate with you? Do you feel differently when you think about working with retirees vs. new parents? Do you LOVE the idea of helping first time buyers get into their first home? How you feel about the types of people you work with may be a key factor in determining your target audience.

Remember – this is a TARGET that YOU want to reach. It is an opportunity to grow into new areas or expand your current area of expertise.bubble people question mark

Once you answer these questions and feel pretty good about your target audience, do your research about their demographics. These demographics could include:

  • Average age of your ideal client
  • Occupation types (for example, if you live in a strong high tech area, do you work with a lot of engineers?)
  • Marital status
  • Number of kids
  • Average educational level
  • Average income level
  • Pet owners or non pet owners

Or you may have a particular demographic that you want to research – this is just a partial list. The point is, knowing a few of these demographics can help you when it comes to the next step and our next blog post which is about – deciding which social media platforms are the best choice for reaching your target audience. For now, be thinking about your target audience by reviewing the above topics.

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