Measure Your Social Media Success for 2013

Four Question to Ask to Measure Your Social Media Success in 2013

1581-businessI don’t know about you, but when I wrap up my business for the year, I spend time reflecting on things that went well during the year and things I wish to improve the next year. Even I, as a writer and social media professional, find that I can and should do better with my social media engagement (I am the cobbler with crummy shoes!)

So here are some questions you can ask yourself when you wish to  evaluate your success with social media for 2013:

Did your audience grow?

Whether you are spread out on all the different social platforms or you focus on one or two, at the end of the day, a true measure of your social media success would be the growth of your target audience.  For example, I made a goal of reaching 5000 targeted connections on LinkedIn in 2013. I was very particular about they types of connections I wanted to make as I wanted them to be people to whom I could add value and vice versa. In November, I exceeded 5000 connections and it’s been great for business – more on that in a moment.

Your social media strategy should include a very good understanding of whom your target audience is and then growing that audience. If you are not sure if your numbers grew, check out the analytics for the social media platforms you use. Each one has analytics as long as you are using the business pages.

Did you get more engagement?

Engagement is a key measurement of your success on social media for real estate. It’s one thing to see the numbers go up, but it’s quite another when the numbers turn into real engagement. I’m talking about “likes,” “shares,” “comments” and “private messages”. Social media engagement is real time feedback to your business.  It tells you if the content you are sharing is interesting, fun or educational. Content is the key to building trust with your audience and the ultimate goal of gaining more clients.

As a side benefit of growing my LinkedIn network, I got a lot more engagement. Some people had questions about their marketing or website and others just reached out to say “hello and tell me more about what you do…”

Did you turn followers into leads?

Once a follower reaches out to you to inquire about your services or ask you a professional question, they become leads. Additionally, if they “liked” or followed your page in the first place, they have an interest level and can turn into leads as well.  You now have a warm lead and it’s up to you to gain their business or referrals.

Did your leads turn into sales?

Did your real estate business grow because of social media?It’s all well and good to grow a large target audience, but let’s be real – the bottom line question is – did you close more deals because of social media?  If you did not, then don’t worry. Continue to nurture your warm leads and provide relevant, valuable content to your followers and it will come.

As a result of my LinkedIn strategy, I was able to gain over $10,000 in new business in 2013.  I learned a lot for my own business and I can teach you how you can do the same.

2014 Social Media Strategy for Real Estate

In the coming weeks, I will be conducting free webinars to help you with your social media strategy for 2014. Be sure to sign up for notifications and get a free content guide while you’re at it. Go here: to get notified.

Even if your social media for your real estate business fell short in 2013, it’s still vital that you come up with a strategy for 2014. With the above questions in mind, think about how you would like to use social media in the coming year. We’re here to help!

Happy New Year!


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