Agents: Are you sick of watching your competitors making a KILLING selling real estate using Social Media Marketing and you don’t even have a Facebook page?

After today, you can sit back and be that agent that everyone hates because you’ll be getting leads and closing deals using Social Media Marketing without breaking a sweat.


Because we’ve got all the content you need right here.

Hello, I’m Claudia Loens, Founder of Wordflirt Social Media and I’ve worked with real estate agents just like you who all have the same problems with using social media for real estate.


  • You WANT to use social media marketing for your business, but you don’t know how
  • You’re too busy showing homes, closing deals and searching MLS for your clients that you don’t have time for ONE MORE THING
  • You don’t have a clue about what you should be posting on social media to attract new followers
  • You’re afraid to merge your business with your personal use of social media
  • You don’t have hours and hours every week to come up with clever content that will make you look smart to your followers
  • You can’t afford to hire someone to manage your social media for you
  • It makes you mad when you see other real estate agents getting leads and closing deals by using social media and you want it too!
  • You stick with the old forms of advertising and marketing because they are tried and true. But why reach a limited number of people in specific neighborhoods when you can reach…well, the WORLD?

I’m not going to lie to you. Developing a solid audience of followers that is hungry for what you have to tell them takes a huge commitment on your part. It takes TIME to grow your network and it takes painstaking effort to create the kind of content that your audience wants from you.

To successfully use social media for real estate there are Three Success Factors:

  • You must be consistent
  • You must showcase your expertise with awesome content that is worth their time to read!
  • You must engage and respond to your audience

We can help you with the first two.

Imagine-thisWhat if you were able to provide helpful and relevant content to your audience every day and only spend about an hour a month doing it? No more racking your brain for things to share. No more combing the internet for other people’s content. No more putting your social media on the back burner because you don’t know what to post.

With Social for Real Estate we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve done the research. We’ve written the posts. We’ve formatted the posts and optimized them for your keywords. All you need to do is:

copy-paste-postStop wasting your time and money on marketing that doesn’t work any more! Use MODERN tools that reach MORE people. Once the pressure of creating great content is relieved, you can spend a few moments each day with Success Factor #3 – engage and respond to your audience. That’s the fun part! Turning your audience into leads and nurturing them by being attentive.

Are you dying to know more? I’ll cut to the chase.


Social for Real Estate is your content source to help you utilize social media to the fullest, which in turn helps you grow your business. By posting relevant, expert posts for your target audience, you showcase your expertise as a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent that can close the deal. This is a monthly membership where you get to use the content on your social media pages as YOUR CONTENT.  


  • 40 Real Estate Industry Specific Posts. All posts are formatted for Twitter (140 characters or less) and for longer posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+. They are ready to go as soon as you log in!
  • 40 “Social” posts (also formatted for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & G+)
  • 10 Images you can share on your own social media
  • 5 articles that you can use on your very own blog, enewsletter or regular newsletter
  • 10 Industry specific links to articles that would be of interest to your target audience
  • All researched, formatted and written by the team at Social For Real Estate
  • You get OVER 100 pieces of sharable content every month


  • Bonus Images. A special section for all types of images that you can use and share in your social media posts, including holiday images.
  • Market News. The latest news and market information to keep you up to date (coming in April)
  • Learning Section. Video how-tos will be posted in a special learning section to teach you the basics and finer points of setting up and using social media. (coming in May)

join now to gain immediate access to all the social media content you need for real estate


  • JOIN – Once you join, you will have immediate access to all the content in the regular members area
  • Select the Content you wish to share – choose from the over 100 content pieces. Highlight and copy (or if it’s an image, follow the instructions to save it on your computer)
  • Post – Post your selection on your social media page by clicking on the icon where you wish to share it and pasting it into your status area. You can also add your own comments and/or a URL to your own website prior to completing your post
  • Rinse and Repeat – You can use all of the monthly content at once by using a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer or you can post them as you go. You will continue to have access to all the previous months’ content when the new modules arrive in 30 days.
  • Bonus Sections – Once you have completed your first trial week (special for $1) you will gain access to the additional content, such as the additional images and market news, PLUS the bonuses that are offered

What-are-the-bonusesGlad you asked! We have THREE special bonuses (valued at $519!) just for you!

Social for Real Estate BonusA 30 minute social media consultation call where you receive a one-on-one conversation with our Social Media Expert to discuss anything you want. It could be:

    • Discuss how you can use social media in your real estate business
    • Answer questions about HOW to use social media
    • Or What you had for dinner last night (we DID say anything. HA)

This bonus is valued at $250, but you get it FREE when you complete your trial week and become a regular member!

social for real estate bonus 2We’ll set up and brand one social media site for you. This includes:

    • Create or “makeover” a business or profile page – choose from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+
    • Images – We’ll design your cover image (such as the Timeline Cover on your Facebook Business page)
    • Company Info – We’ll WRITE your company profile and include the appropriate key words for optimization
    • Vanity URL – Where applicable, we will get you a vanity URL
    • Tweet and Post – Once completed, we will announce your new business page to our network of over 6000 people and ask them to follow you

The regular cost for setting up your social media business page is $249, but it’s included for you for FREE when you complete your trial and become a regular member!

Bonus-3cover of book 3DA SIGNED copy of Claudia Loens’ bookHow to Become a Social Media Content Machine – Wordflirt’s Guide to Cranking out Killer Content for Real Estate Professionals.” This book is all about why creating the right content is crucial to achieve success with social media for real estate. She goes over all the types of content, from written posts, to images, to videos, blogs and more.  The signed copy is valued at $19.99 but you get a complimentary SIGNED copy mailed to you when you complete your one week trial and become a regular member.

(Please note: in order to mail your book to you, we will need to get your mailing address after you sign up. We promise not to stalk you.)


So now you are SUPER excited about all the GREAT content and killer bonuses, but you want to know what it costs. Of course you do! Let me ask you something…

If you could use social media to close even ONE deal this year…


 Let’s say that you add only ONE closed deal in 2014 by marketing yourself on social media and that deal netted you $5000.

do the math social for real estate valueSo it seems like a no-brainer to up your game with social media, right? Let’s take a look at the “street value” of these services. Meaning – if you were to hire Wordflirt Social Media (our founding company) to produce the content for you every month, you’d pay:


Written Posts = $499

Articles for blog or newsletter = $1250

Images Created = $200

For a total of

$1949 per MONTH


join social for real estate today

But by becoming a member, you get all of this for only $47 per month. That’s less than a cup of fancy coffee every day. Now I NEED my fancy coffee every day, but fancy coffee doesn’t earn me $419 per month!

I want you to reap the rewards of social media marketing done RIGHT. I want YOU to be the agent everyone looks at with envy. And I want you to do it right now.

don't-put-it-off-for-one-more-minutejoin now to gain immediate access to all the social media content you need for real estate

P.S. Did I mention you can try it for a week for only $1?