How to Separate Business from Personal on Facebook

Drunk Guy ImageDo you OVERSHARE on Your Facebook Personal Page?

Many early adopters of Facebook chose the social media venue to have fun and keep in touch with friends across the world. As social media for business began to take off, many real estate agents wanted to adapt their Facebook to use it for both business and pleasure, but simply didn’t know how. Today, we get asked regularly if one should use their personal profile for their business or create a business page.

We believe you should create, brand and use a business page (used to be called a Fan page) on Facebook for four reasons:

For one thing, there is a limit of 5000 connections on your personal page, but on a business page, it is unlimited. These are measured in terms of “likes” which means when someone “likes” your page, they are now connected to you and following your business posts.

Secondly, you can run promotions to get more “likes” and therefore, increase your target audience. With a personal profile, you can’t do this.

Third, you can view weekly and monthly analytics on your Facebook business page, which can help you craft future content. You can see who viewed, liked and shared your posts. Advanced analytics such as the demographic of your viewers and where they are located are powerful tools.  When you study these analytics, you can refine what you share and give your audience more of what they like and want.

Finally, your personal page should be for fun! Be yourself…rant and rave…share funny stories…pictures of your family and just let your hair down. You can separate your personal life from your professional life when you utilize a business page on Facebook as well as, a personal page. That doesn’t mean you can’t post your recent listings or sales – you can certainly post these on both pages.

When you separate your personal page from your business page on Facebook, your options are greater and give you a bigger opportunity to grow your business using social media.

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