How to get Started with Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Use social meida for real estateWe’re often asked how real estate agents can get started with using social media to grow their business. It doesn’t have to overwhelm you! This post is about taking a high level view of how to determine your strategy. It takes some initial research but once you know your target audience, you can engage with them and begin seeing your client base grow.

blue target bullseyeDetermine your target market – If you have or would like to have a real estate niche, such as first time homebuyers or baby boomer sellers, you need to know everything about them. This includes: typical age, income level, marital and family status, personal interests, education level and whatever else would be relevant to them.  If you know your real estate niche demographics, your social media strategy will be much easier to implement.

Check out what they are talking about. Once you know who they are, you need to find out what they are talking about. Start with current clients or, if you’re just beginning, ask your coworkers about their clients. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see what kinds of conversations interest them. Are they talking about their pets, their kids or their gardens? Do they like to cook, go to car races or sporting events? Understand their interests so that you can craft content that will attract them to you.

Know your keywords. Whenever you post something, be sure to know your keywords. Keywords are the words for which your target audience is likely to search. On the personal side, keywords might include “cooking tips” or “bathroom remodel”. On the professional side, keywords might be something like “new home” or “selling your house”. Use Google’s keyword tools to research what is trending on the search engines.

Develop content that attracts more followers from your target. Now that you know who they are and what interests them, you’ll want to share content that they will want to consume. At first you don’t have to create the content from scratch. Start by sharing articles or pictures that reflect areas of interest for them. (Always give credit to the source, especially with pictures.)

Converse with them – add value. Don’t have much content yet? That’s ok! Start by engaging with them. “Like” or “Share” whatever your audience shares. Doing so is like clapping for them. Make a comment, even if it’s a simple “LOL” or “good for you!” At the very minimum, each agent should be doing this with their current network.

Using social media for real estate agents doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you do your research and just get started, you will find that it gets easier.  The very best advice we can offer is to really understand your target audience and focus your campaign on them, not on promoting yourself!


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Claudia Loens is the Founder and Creative behind Wordflirt®, a social media, web design and professional writing marketing agency. She is the author of three published books, including "How to Become a Social Media Content Machine for Real Estate." Visit her main page at

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