February is the new January

realistic social media goals for realtors

How did your 2015 start?

I don’t know if this is true for you, but for me, 2015 did NOT start the way I had intended it would last month. I love new years, new months, heck – new weeks! January is my favorite, mostly because the hectic pace of family commitments that I experienced in December are over and I can settle in to do the work I love to do and start the year out strong.

Well, not THIS January!

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Are Your Privacy Settings Causing You to Lose Money?

Check Your Privacy Settings on Your Social Media

Check Your Privacy Settings on Your Social MediaPersonal Privacy vs. Business Privacy Settings

When it comes to your business social media pages, it might be a good idea to review your settings. Unlike your personal pages, your settings should be open for review by anyone (public) to attract new leads from around the world. This is especially true for Realtors as you never know when someone from another city, state or country may be looking for a Realtor® to handle their relocation to your area. You don’t want to lose out on a possible sale because your privacy settings won’t allow someone to contact you! Continue reading

How to Find the Right Blend of Expert Tips and Social Content for Realtors®

Social For Real Estate

How to Find the Right Blend of Expert Tips and Social Content for Realtors®

I say it over and over in my seminars for Realtors® that you should NOT just use social media to promote yourself, your listings or beg for listings.  I remind agents that people are on social media for FUN, not to have constant promotion put in front of them. You will find that people will quickly “unlike” your page if that is all you do. On the flip side, if you are engaging, smart and fun, you will have more people organically “like” your page where you will have the opportunity to showcase your expertise, show them your friendly side and build their trust in you. Continue reading

5 Things You Should do Every Day on Social Media for Realtors®

Social For Real Estate

5 Things You Should do Every Day on Social Media for Realtors®

We’re often asked how Realtors® can be consistent with their social media marketing efforts. After all, there are MANY other tasks that a Realtor® has to do on a daily basis to generate leads and close deals. However, if you think of social media AS a lead generation opportunity, you should include it in your daily lead gen tactics. Here are five things you can do every day to grow your social media reach. Continue reading

Where to Get Images for Your Social Media

Take pictures to share on social media

Using Images for Realtors®

Today I published a blog article on www.wordflirtsocialmedia.com about where to get images to use in social media. Using images is an essential ingredient in getting higher engagement on your social media posts – in fact, images get twice the amount of shares as posts without images. I thought I’d share the blog article with you, but add a twist specific to Realtors®. Read this first and then go check out the blog post. Continue reading

The First Step in Your Social Media Strategy for Realtors® – Identify Your Target Audience

Your audience target red

Do You Know Your Target Audience?


Before you can decide how you will use social media for your real estate business (or if you need a refresh), you must first think about your target audience.  Start by defining exactly whom you wish to target. If you’ve never thought about it before, ask yourself these questions:

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