7 Reasons to use LinkedIn For Real Estate

pink house with linkedin heartNot sure why you should use LinkedIn to promote your real estate business? LinkedIn can be a GREAT tool for real estate agents for many reasons, but here are seven of our favorites.

orange search magnifier iconIncrease your visibility. By establishing connections, you also increase your exposure and visibility. Because this is strictly a business site, the people that view you are probably interested in you from a business perspective – either theirs or yours.

Improve your network. Connect with people that were past acquaintances, people from your schools, past companies, associations, affiliations, and those who share your interests. With additional features, such as “Groups” you can expand even your first level network by thousands of people simply by joining a group that interests you.

Improve Google PageRank. If your LinkedIn profile is public (you choose your privacy settings) then Google and the other search engines will be able to find it. LinkedIn profiles rank high in Google, so it’s a an effective way to influence other people’s perception when they search for you even if you don’t have a professional website.

Enhance search engine results. In addition to your personal profile, you can promote your company website and blog to search engines through your LinkedIn account through the pre-selected categories such as “My Website” and “My Company”. LinkedIn even allows you to manage the content in your “Company” page now, where you can  highlight all of your services the way you wish for them to be showcased.

Scope out the competition.  It’s always a good idea to see what other real estate agents are doing. You don’t have to take your competitors ideas verbatim, but you can use the ideas for inspiration to come up with ideas for yourself.

Scope out real estate clients. Additionally, you can learn about potential clients before you engage.  In other words, if you have a referral that you are going to call or meet, check out their LinkedIn page to learn more about them. You might find you have something in common which could immediately build rapport. Maybe you attended the same college or have a friend that works at the same company. This may be a great icebreaker for you during your first meeting.

Show endorsements for your skills. There is now an automatic prompt at the top of each person’s page asking for endorsements. It’s easy to click to endorse someone and you’ll find that others will do the same for you. Just make sure you’ve identified your key words/skills and then go about endorsing others.  The more endorsements you have for your keywords/skills, the more of an authority you’ll perceived to be.


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Claudia Loens is the Founder and Creative behind Wordflirt®, a social media, web design and professional writing marketing agency. She is the author of three published books, including "How to Become a Social Media Content Machine for Real Estate." Visit her main page at http://www.wordflirt.com

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