3 Things Your LinkedIn Profile MUST Have

The Basic MUSTS on LinkedIn

Every LinkedIn profile should have theseI cruise around on LinkedIn quite a bit. You hear about people that are crazy about Twitter or Facebook, right? Well, when it comes to building my business, I’m crazy about LinkedIn (I like the others too – more on that in a future post).

As I look at profiles on LinkedIn, I’ve noticed a few things that many people do not do. Therefore, I decided to write this post to help with a few basic tips. Here are three things your LinkedIn profile must have:

  1. Your name – sounds like a no-brainer, right? But many people do not put their own name on their profile and they could be missing out on business! I’ve seen people put a cute title, such as “Bay Area Mom” as their name. Now that may be what they do, but it’s not their name. Frankly, no one would know who they are or what they can do. I’ve also seen people put their company name as their profile name – this is actually quite common. I say to put your own name and then create a separate company profile page. This will help avoid confusion about with whom exactly they are connecting.
  2. Your Photo – another no-brainer, but there are A LOT of profiles out there that don’t have a photo. If someone you met at a networking event wants to look you up, they may not be sure it’s you. Always have a current picture of yourself. Another tip – unless your family is involved in your business, do not put a picture of them on your LinkedIn profile. Keep it professional.
  3. Accurate headline – This one seems to be the most confusing for folks. The headline is what appears under your name when you come up in search. Your headline should be as accurate as possible and include your keywords. For example, to just list yourself as “Realtor” is limiting your exposure. This profile area is for much more than just a title. Believe it or not, how you structure your headline can increase your relevance to the LinkedIn (and Google) search tools. To expand on the example, you might instead put your headline as something like “Denver Realtor specializing in first time home buyers and short sales.” Get your key words in there!

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to grow your network and build your business. If you do nothing else, at least have these three basic profile musts covered!

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Claudia Loens is the Founder and Creative behind Wordflirt®, a social media, web design and professional writing marketing agency. She is the author of three published books, including "How to Become a Social Media Content Machine for Real Estate." Visit her main page at http://www.wordflirt.com

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